Global Community Alliance Network

Leveraging On The Power Of The Community

Goal: Wealth, Rest, Health


GCAN international headquarters is situated at Kindly click the button below to view our certificate of incorporation from England and whales. Our Corporate headquarters is at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ.


Our passion and motivation at GCAN is not profit generation but rather people empowerment. We believe that when people are genuinely empowered, profit will come at the long run. That is why our processes are people centric. They are designed to change the narrative.

We are persuaded that GCAN is an answer to the cry of somebody, a people, tribe and Nation. We are very deliberate and intentional about GCAN. Kindly click on the Register now button to join this great movement.

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Wealth creation through our global Contributory Scheme and Global Business Partnership

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House ownership through our Rent to Own Housing Scheme and food subsidy scheme

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Health stability through our global Health insurance Scheme and intervention

Our Motivation

Seeing what is happening in the organized sector is the chief motivator to the operation of GCAN. We believe that our strength lies in our cooperativeness thus the slogan, leveraging on the power of the community. We believe that life becomes cheaper as we bring our diverse strength together


Membership Register Free

Registration for GCAN membership is free for all

Goal: Free

Activate Your Membership

You have to activate your membership with money to benefit

Goal: Initial Benefit

Slot buying to increase benefit

This is achieved through our global contributory system

Goal: Absolute Benefit

Global Community Alliance Network (GCAN) is a revolution whose time has come. GCAN is an empowerment system designed to help members create real and enduring wealth, own their homes through our uniquely designed rent to own housing scheme, Buy household commodities at wholesale price and ultimately enjoy the best health care services at very cheap and affordable cost. Our system is designed in a renewal methodology where every activity generates income for our members. At GCAN, your liabilies are turned to Assets

Become a Global Business Partner

Join hands with us for a better life and beautiful future.

Our Cooperative banks with Cooperative mortgage bank and we are very confident in the delivery of cooperative mortgage bank over the years. To get more of the pedigree of cooperative mortgage bank, kindly watch the video adjacent this writeup. Global community alliance Network is fully incorporated in the United Kingdom as a limited liability company (Global Community Alliance Network Ltd) We are also registered as a cooperative Society Multipurpose Ltd in Nigeria. We are also members of International Development Consortium. We are still working on more alliances and collaborations to give us more funding access for sustainable development for our growing membership base. Click the button to begin your membership journey with us

Our Plan

All Subscription will go to support 3 main problems: Wealth, Rest, health. GCAN is designed to make every aspect of our lives profitable. 

Your Membership Means a Lot

At GCAN your lifestyle becomes profitable